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Tips to Find Your Writing Style

Hey, guys. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post. But school has been a huge pain in the butt and the dreaded NAPLAN in coming in three days. But it’s quite stressful to think that this will be my last year of doing NAPLAN, but it also means that I’ll have to worry about VCE and stuff. But as a way to calm and rest after a long day at school, I usually write or watch Law & Order: SVU for hours at a time. Whatever floats my boat that day.


But lately, since I’ve started to take writing much more seriously, I’ve been noticing a distinct difference in my writing compared to those who have had their work publish professionally. Their writing style. Every time I pick up a book and read it, I’m always in awe of how beautifully constructed their sentences are and how each sentence is just pure perfection.


Is it just me? Probably.


And from all the mental data I’ve collected from each book I’ve read, I can be certain that most more well-known authors have found their ‘writing style’. The way they write, how they describe their characters, how they convey emotions to the reader. All that jazz. And as a budding author myself, I find myself struggled an internal battle of trying to ‘copy’ certain author’s writing style or trying to follow my own ‘more childish’ writing style.


As of this moment, I haven’t decided nor found the ‘perfect writing style’ per say. That’s maybe because I’ve been trying to experiment with other genres such as teen fiction than my normal quota of fantasy. And once you read both a fantasy and a teen fiction novel, there’s a staggering difference in term of writing style between the two novels. You can’t have a writing style reserved for fantasy for teen fiction. It just won’t work. Unless it does, then props to you.


In the end, it’s good to start noticing how certain authors write and begin mentally noting it down for any future references. But it’s also good to start moulding your writing style into your version of perfect. But it’s all goods if you don’t find it right away, this type of stuff takes time.


Apologies for my tiny babbling at the beginning, I do hope this had come in handy for someone.